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Acne is a part of a lot of people's lives and has been for years. Dealing with acne for some can be a struggle and can also affect how someone may feel about themselves that is why I decided to become a Certified Acne Specialist. 


This Acne Treatment Program targets mild, moderate to severe acne, and clients can see progress in 3-6 months. Treatments should be performed every 2 weeks if your schedule allows. It is suitable for all skin types and during consultation clients will be informed about their skin concerns and how their acne could be treated. Clients must know that this is a journey and they have to be consistent, and patient if they want to gain results!


Acne Treatment Info


Consultation is Required! Can be done virtually over FaceTime, or photos can be sent through email.

You Can Book The...


 $60 "Virtual Only"



Consultation + Treatment



During your first facial or your virtual consultation you will be informed on how the program works and product recommendations, all clients should be prepared to invest in home care treatments this is a crucial part in achieving results! Before your consultation, you should be aware of product cost and budgeting which could be around $90 to $150 the price varies depending on your skincare needs. Once you are set on your home care routine, after your first facial depending on your skin type you will come in every 2 weeks or monthly.

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